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Posted on January 15, 2020

Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza
Especially not OUR pizza. We guarantee that once you have a slice of Little Italy Pizza with its thin crispy crust, you will keep coming back for more. The cheesy goodness is out of this world and you can have whatever toppings you want! Pizza, in general, is such an amazing food that can be eat at a number of different occasions. Celebrating? Grab some pizza! Hanging out with friends but don't want to spend too much? Pizza! Gone through a breakup and need some delicious comfort food? You've got it - pizza! Some people say that if you've had one pizza, you've had them all but that is definitely not true. A frozen pizza or an overly processed pizza CANNOT be compared to ours. We provide pizzas that are made with fresh ingredients and with a whole lot of love from our loyal staff. Come to Little Italy Pizza and you'll be greeted with a big smile from the staff; they actually believe in the food they are serving you. We also love what we do and our customers can feel it too. Our pizzerias are conveniently located in the busiest parts of the city.  Are you in the city to enjoy the Manhattan skyline at the The Empire State Building? Stop by for a slice of mouth-watering pizza after the tour. We are only one block away! Catching a train from Penn Station? You can find us at LIRR concourse level. Taking a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge? Stop by Little Italy Pizza on 50 Fulton Street to replenish your energy. It doesn't matter where you are: uptown or downtown, just go on your phone, type in Little Italy Pizza and you'll be sure to find one of our locations only minutes away from where you are.
Craving Authentic Crispy Crust Italian Pizza in NYC?
Look no further! There are lots of different pizza places in New York but there are many of them which are not as authentic as what they seem. Once you've tried ours, you will not want to go anywhere else. We are a family-run business and are originally from the homeland of pizza, Italy. Our recipe has not changed for hundreds of years, apart from a few tweaks to make the best pizza possible. Locals and tourists love our delicious NYC pizza! Have you ever actually been to the city if you haven't tried it for yourself? Whether you are eating in-store or purchasing a Little Italy Pizza slice to take home and enjoy, it's completely up to you. You can't beat a Margarita slice but perhaps you prefer your pizza as meaty as possible, we do vegetarian options too of course. Our pizza is as healthy as possible so you don't need to worry about any artificial additives. For those who crave more than just pizza, we have varieties of other options. Be sure to check out our menu and find the Italian food to satisfy your stomach and your heart. We hope this has made you hungry enough to pop into one of our locations and enjoy the best pizza in NYC.


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