National Pizza Day, All You Need To Know

Posted on January 24, 2020

Forget Halloween or even Christmas, National Pizza Day is THE day to be celebrated every single year. You can spend your time, well, eating pizza of course but make sure you do it somewhere magnificent. Look for pizza near you and ensure that you are there for the momentous occasion that is national pizza day. Here we will tell you a little more about the history of national pizza day and where you should be getting the best pizza in NYC not just on February 9th, but every day of the year.

All about National Pizza Day.
National pizza day is actually on February 9th every year. It is the perfect excuse to eat your body weight in crusty pizza. National pizza day is a little bit of a mystery; Although we don't know when it started, we know that we love it. The holiday exists purely to celebrate that crusty bread base, topped with sauce, cheese and whatever else you please... While we might not know how national pizza day came to be, it's apparent that pizza itself was first invented by the Roman's who covered placenta bread in herbs, sauce, and cheese. According to Holidays Calendar what we consider to be pizza today however was not actually invented until the eighteenth century. This happened in Naples, Italy. Flatbread dishes were created by the locals and these were topped with garlic, basil, cheese, and tomatoes. So when did pizza really become popular? This happened when the servicemen were returning home after world war one. These men loved pizza when they passed through Italy. This was when it started to come to the USA. The rest, as they say, is history. Pizza has come a long way since then, with a whole heap of tasty toppings for you to get your hands on! Four billion pizzas are sold throughout America on a yearly basis. This doesn't account for how popular the dish is throughout the rest of the world too. You can get frozen pizza, you can eat pizza in restaurants or the many pizzerias throughout the country. There is much debate about what makes the perfect pizza; we believe it's fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love.
Best place to spend national pizza day.
There are so many places around the world that serve pizza. Do you want to find where the best pizza in NYC is served? It doesn't get much better than Little Italy Pizza. With many locations throughout Manhattan, this place should be your go-to if you are visiting the city, living here or coming from other boroughs. Little Italy Pizza is a hit with tourists and locals alike. Providing all kinds of delicious pizza at rock bottom prices, what's not to love about us? We have ten locations throughout the city. It is very easy to find us. Search for pizza near me wherever you might be. Whether you want to keep it simple or try some new and interesting topping, Little Italy Pizza caters to all needs. Drop by soon and we guarantee that you will spend National Pizza Day in style.

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