What is so special about New York pizza?

Posted on February 2, 2020

If you're curious about why New York pizza has such a distinctive taste, simply continue reading. Here are some facts that make New York's pizza so famous.

Many of New York's pizzerias are still family owned and operated.
Most of New York's charming pizzerias boast lengthy histories. They have been owned and operated by the same families for several decades. As an example, Little Italy Pizza which is one of New York's oldest pizzerias. It takes its roots back from 1915 when Great Grandma Rose packed up the family and took the long journey by boat from Naples, Italy to The United States of America. To this day, Little Italy Pizza is owned and operated by Great Grandma Rose descendants. New York's family run pizzerias are special as each generation of pizza makers passes down their family's secret recipes and techniques to the next generation. So if you visit a New York pizzeria, you can expect to bite into a pizza slice, which has been perfected over several generations.
New York's iconic pizzas are larger than an average pizza.
New York is known for its extra large pizza slices. Locals typically need to fold them in half, in order to eat their pizza without making a mess. The average New York pizza measures 18 to 24 inches; while most pizzerias outside of New York offer pizzas which measure between 12-14 inches. Better yet, a single slice makes the perfect meal to eat on the go.
New York pizzerias still toss their dough by hand.
The vast majority of New York pizzerias still toss their dough by hand, instead of using pre-made dough. As a result New York's family run pizzerias offer distinctive pizzas, which feature light and crispy bases.
New York pizzerias typically use traditional pizza ovens.
Instead of using flashy, modern pizza ovens, the majority of New York's pizzerias prepare their pizzas in traditional deck style ovens. These are heated to extremely high temperatures. Some of the best pizza NYC are even baked in historic coal ovens.
Many New York pizzerias still import high quality ingredients from Italy.
Many of New York's top rated pizzerias still import the majority of their ingredients from Italy. As an example, if you bite into a hot slice of our Margherita pizza, you may taste imported mozzarella cheese as well as imported basil and tomato sauce. So if you'd like to taste an authentic slice of Italy, in NYC, it's well worth treating yourself to a slice of NYC pizza. So next time that you bite into the perfect slice of NYC pizza, you'll have a fair idea of why New York's family run pizzerias produce some of the world's tastiest pizzas.

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